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Solutions for organisations where reliable communications are crucial. Crucial for operational success or worker safety.

World premiere for the next generation.

With a modern user experience and future-proof technology the Motorola MXP600 is ready to keep workers in the field safe both today and tomorrow.


Motorola WAVE PTX™

Increase the reach of your push-to-talk communications by enabling users on different devices to communicate seamlessly over available connections.

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What is hiding behind terms like PoC and PTT over-bredband?

The short answer is that they all refer to solutions that provide workgroup communications between different types of devices over existing connections like 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi. The long answer is not only more exhaustive but also interesting for several organisations.

Radio rental

Extensive depot of two-way radios available to rent.

The Four:C Family

Management support solutions for mission-critical applications

Motorola WAVE™

Push-to-talk communications on all networks, on any device (almost).

Motorola digital two-way radios

High quality two-way radios based on ETSI DMR