Celab now represents Otto Communications in Scandinavia

Announcement Published 2017-06-01

For decades, the American manufacturer Otto Communications have been developing superior two-way radio accessories.

Otto Communications offers a full range of accessories for two-way radios. Their assortment includes all types of audio accessories, like headsets, throat microphones and surveillance kits. That also includes equipment with special certifications like ATEX.

Otto also holds a number of patents and offers unique products. For instance a lightweight headset with mechanical noise cancellation and a RSM that withstands 500°F/260°C for at least five minutes.

Just like the other brands in our portfolio, Otto holds the highest standard, with outstanding build quality and high performance. While our other accessory brands are particularly popular among fire and rescue, Otto accessories are especially appreciated among police and military, including the Swedish Police.

See our standard range here or Otto’s entire range on their website.