Four:C Announcer launching as a cloud service after summer

Announcement Published 2019-06-17

Four:C Announcer is a service developed to present critical information in garages, locker rooms and other areas at fire stations, ambulance stations and similar facilities.

The service enables incoming emergency call information to be presented instantly on several locations within the organisation. The setup is cost-efficient since it only requires a browser and internet connection. Between emergencies the screen can switch between local traffic reports, weather forecasts, calendars and/or optional web pages (url).

The service is a development on our previous “garage display” with the same name and is designed to be easier to implement and maintain as well as to offer increased accessibility. The cloud platform is also adapted for mission-critical applications through an architecture without single-point-of-failures.

At launch in early September, the service will be offered as a subscription priced per user and year. This includes support and, most importantly continuous improvement of the service. A login can be used on one screen at a time and controls which information and with which intervals information is to be shown.

For organisations that do not want or for any reason cannot use this type of service the entire platform (server) can be deployed locally. The new cloud-version is therefore the only “product” we will offer under the name Four:C Announcer in the future.

Further information and price will be published after the holidays. If you are already interested of a demonstration of the service, please contact your sales representative or reach out to +46303-246000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will gladly help you