Our dispatch solution Four:C Dispatch has been further improved.

Announcement Published 2018-01-10

With new features like geo-fencing and live-feeds, central command can oversee and support responders and resources in the field even more efficiently.

Four:C Dispatch is a computer aided dispatch solution for mission-critical applications. Besides managing TETRA communications, the system also provides geographical information and features, job ticketing, real-time location tracking and remote control functionality.

The new version 3.4 naturally provides additional features and improvements. Geo-fencing enables the operator to define an area on the map that can trigger events, like auto-generated status messages when a resource enters or leaves the area. Four:C Dispatch 3.4 can also receive live-feeds, like traffic and weather information that can presented directly on the native map.

Location tracking is an integral part of the system and with the new version these locations can also be logged continuously for later review. This means that you can “play back” how resources have moved over time, on the map.

Follow unit, Drawing features and improved Notifications are some of the other new features and optimisations you can read about in the Release Notes (SV), the updated product page or the new brochure.