Four:C Dispatch version 3.5 is ready for delivery

Announcement Published 2018-10-23

File sharing, traffic cameras and auto-triggered geofences are some of the most obvious updates in the new release.

Version 3.5 adds a range of new features and improvement that can be viewed in the Release Notes.

For instance, an incident can automatically generate a geofence around the area. The geofence in turn can automatically change talk group on connected devices that arrive at the scene. The operator can also link files to an incident that automatically can be shared with other operators and/or the mobile management solutions Four:C Observer and Four:C Mobile Windows.

The operator can also send point-of-interests to specific units that work as individual assignments within the current incident/task. With version 3.5 traffic cameras can be viewed directly on the map with a simple right-click, in addition to current traffic and weather data.

Some other news includes route suggestions, map legends, support for more LIP-info, more ways to create incidents/tasks and remote controlling mobile management solutions.

Introduction to Four:C Dispatch

Four:C Dispatch is a computer aided dispatch solution for mission-critical applications. Besides managing TETRA communications, the system also provides geographical information and features, job ticketing, real-time location tracking and remote control functionality.

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