Four:C Mobile soon available for Android

Announcement Published 2019-11-06

Four:C Mobile has long been one of the most popular mobile task management solutions on the market thanks to its simplicity. The Android version leverages the predecessor’s advantages but adds new possibilities.

The need of available information during first response is growing constantly. Meanwhile many of todays solutions are either too limited or too expensive. With Four:C Mobile for Android we try to eliminate this dilemma and secure future development of the solution.

The latest addition to the family offers the same "Tetra related" features as its predecessor supplemented with features like web links, file transfers and integration of cloud services and dispatch solutions. The Tetra-connection manages task management, status reporting and remote control via a Tetra-terminal over a Bluetooth-connection. But the day the infrastructure is ready the solution supports these features over alternative carriers (LTE, Wi-Fi, etcetera).

The application automatically activates default navigation application to specified destination, which enables you to use the navigator and maps you prefer.

Android provides many inherent advantages simply by being the widespread OS for mobile devices. Since many parties are driving the development it is truly future-proof regarding performance, features as well as compatibility with carriers and APIs. At the same time, the OS is ready available on a myriad of devices, ensuring that there is hardware available for every deployment.

Further synergies with Four:C Mobile for Android is also the simplified administration of devices. Configurations, updates and device management are easily done remotely, simplifying implementations.

If you want more information or a demonstration please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 0303 24 60 00 or visit our booth at MSBs Rakeldag on the 12th of November at Kistamässan in Stockholm.