Motorola SL2600 - the latest addition to Motorola’s series of ultra-portable DMR’s

Announcement Published 2017-09-13

The new radio has the same proportions as the low-tier SL1600 but offers additional features and system support.

The radio includes an innovative screen that is recessed in the body, protecting it from impacts and making it virtually invisible when inactive. The radio also offers, besides standard buttons like talk group selector, push-to-talk button and volume controls a touch interface to browse menus and adjust other settings.

Motorola SL2600 can also be used in MOTOTRBOs advanced digital system solutions like IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus and Capacity Plus Multi-Site. Meaning it can be used in both conventional multi-site systems as well as trunked single- and multi-site solutions.

In addition to more software options than the low-tier model, the SL2600 also has built-in Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi. Modules that provides support for wireless headsets, indoor location tracking, over-the-air programming and more.

The radio is expected for delivery in September-October.