New weatherproof mini repeater from Motorola Solutions

Announcement Published 2017-09-28

Thanks to 12V DC power supply, passive cooling and IP65 rating the five kilo light SLR1000 can be mounted where it is needed, both indoors and outdoors.

Despite its smaller case and limited transmit power the device support all advanced system solution in the MOTOTRBO range, like IP Site Connect and Capacity Plus. That means the repeater can be used in both conventional multi-site systems and trunked single- and multi-site solutions.

The SLR1000 is backwards compatible with the trunked analogue standard MPT1327 while being future-proof through compatibility with Motorola WAVE group communication, enabling push-to-talk communications between devices on different networks.

Motorola SLR1000 offers ten watts of continuous output, likely enough to create new networks in many locations and certainly enough to eliminate dead zones in current systems. For instance in garages, tunnels, warehouses, etcetera.

The repeater will be available for delivery from the beginning of next month.