Deploy team communications between different devices and different networks with Motorola WAVE™.

Announcement Published 2020-01-08

WAVE™ is a service that uses the cloud to introduce two-way radio communications on more devices through available connections.

Two-way radio communications means instant group calls without dial-up, also known as Push-to-talk communications. A form of communication now available on smartphones, tablets, computers and/or two-way radios thanks to WAVE™ connecting them together in talk groups. Besides voice calls the solution also provides the possibility to instantly send images, videos, documents, etcetera to talk groups or individuals. Location tracking, call priority, real-time presence are a few other features offered.

Being implemented in the cloud WAVE inherently provides high availability but the platform is also designed with knowledge accrued from Motorola Solutions ninety-year experience of business critical communications, with encryption and increased security as a result. Similar solutions have previously been called PTT-over-Cellular (PoC) but for WAVE™ PTT-over-Broadband is more accurate since Wifi and Ethernet can be used parallel to 3G and 4G/LTE.

The WAVE™ ecosystem today;

WAVE Mobile App

App for Android or iOS that practically transforms your mobile device into a two-way radio.

WAVE Dispatch

Web based dispatch that lets you manage and follow users in the field.

Motorola TLK100

A robust and compact two-way radio that connects using 3G/4G/Wifi.

WAVE Radio Gateway

A bridge that connects a two-way radio system to the WAVE-system and enables two-way radio users to converse directly with colleagues on smartphones, tablets or PCs.