Celab Communications AB equips the municipal dispatch centre in Vimmerby

Press Release Published 2019-04-09

The rescue services has chosen to implement the control- and communication platform Celab Four:C Dispatch.

The dispatch solution will support central management during operations in Vimmerby’s service area. From the command centre they will be able to continuously communicate and lead responders from five fire stations.

With Four:C Dispatch dispatchers can easily and intuitively communicate in RAKEL but also dispatch stations and/or manage individual responders and tasks. The system is connected to seven monitors where information can be presented dynamically depending on the dispatchers preferences. Information like different types of maps with real-time location tracking, contact lists, call lists, task, etcetera.

The delivery also means that the Rescue Services in Vimmerby becomes a part of Four:C Forum, a community that actively contributes to the development of Four:C Dispatch both technically and practically by regularly sharing experiences and discussing features.