Celab signs agreement with Volvo Cars on a communication and remote management platform for Hällered proving grounds.

Press Release Published 2017-08-30

The new system will provide easier and safer management of the many workers and vehicles moving around in the area, typically in high speeds.

On the proving ground situated in the southwest of Sweden, Volvo tests the vehicles and components of tomorrow. The compound enables them to “simulate” the cars entire life cycle under normal conditions in a matter of months. On the many different tracks, everything from top speeds to rust protection, suspension and active safety can be tested continuously, around the clock.

In the autumn, a new digital two-way radio system will be installed at the facility. The back bone of the system is multi-site TETRA system based on infrastructure from Motorola Solutions. The calls will be placed in over a hundred Motorola ST7000, a new advanced and compact portable radio. The system enables group communications, telephone-style individual calls and emergency calls.

In order to streamline traffic management the system will be complemented with Celab’s popular management platform Orchestra, developed specifically for TETRA architecture. The new platform provides traffic controllers with real-time location tracking on the native map and enables them to control communication routes and talk group composition as well as perform broadcast in the connected PA system.

Celab has previously installed a similar system at Volvo Hällereds closest neighbour AstaZero, another proving ground focused on active vehicle safety. Experiences from that project will contribute to increased quality and reliability of the future system at Volvo Cars.