Fortum improves remote management with Celab Orchestra.

Press Release Published 2017-07-04

Thanks to upgraded dispatch centres Fortum will be able to communicate more efficiently with subcontractors and workers on the move.

With 1.3 million customers, Fortum is one of the leading utility companies in the Nordics. With their “For a cleaner world” vision they provide their customers with energy solutions intended to improve life today and in the future. More than 60% of the energy production is already free from CO2 and comes from one of their 130 hydroelectric plants in Sweden ( To simplify remote management of the many technicians in the Nordics, Fortum has chosen to procure a new platform from Celab Communications AB.

The new dispatch solution is based on Celab’s proven architecture Orchestra. Among others, Orchestra is used by Fortum’s former distribution company Ellevio. The main feature with Orchestra is integrating several communication technologies in the same user interface. A GUI then tailored to Fortum’s work flows and procedures. In this case, the system integrates telephony with calls through nationwide two-way radio systems, like RAKEL in Sweden and VIRVE in Finland. This to simply and quickly be able to communicate with customers, workers and subcontractors all over Scandinavia.

The system was deployed in the beginning of the summer and consists of two mirrored centres in different locations (Sweden and Finland). The two centres includes eight operator consoles and typically share management responsibilities but the mirroring guarantees that the dispatch centre can be operational 24/7/365 since the centres can manage all communication individually if the need arises.