Motorola WAVE communicator

Upgrade your usual device with push-to-talk communications

With WAVE™ communicator your device can be connected to the group communication solution WAVE™ using any available network.

About Motorola WAVE communicator

With WAVE™ communicator you can leverage push-to-talk communications directly on your smartphone, PC and/or browser. Since the WAVE™ solution can be connected to two-way radio solutions on the other end that means you can perform immediate group calls with almost anyone.

WAVE™ Mobile Communicator

Transform your Android or iOS device into a multi-channel push-to-talk device, activating immediate and secure communications with individuals using two-way radios, computers and/or smartphones.

WAVE™ Desktop Communicator

Enable secure and immediate group communications quickly on your personal computer. The desktop communicator is a simplified console that allows users to monitor and participate in push-to-talk communications with multiple sources.

WAVE™ Web Communicator

Place calls thrugh the WAVE™-platform without installation, using Chrome or Firefox.

WAVE™ Advanced Desktop Communicator

Dispatch solutions for WAVE™ workgroup communication solution.

  • WAVE™ communicator
  • Android / iOS
  • Windows


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