Vokkero Guardian

Wireless intercom solution

Solution that fast and easy enables high quality conference calls locally.

About Vokkero Guardian

Vokkero Guardian is a top tier full-duplex solution that allows a "unlimited" number of users to wirelessly communicate hands-free.

The native digital signal processing together with the standardised Nexus connector makes the solution compatible with a range of headsets from manufacturers like 3M Peltor, Savox and Ceotronics. The accessory offering also includes carry accessories, combined charging and programming stations, solutions for control rooms, etc. See the brochure under resources for more information.

Vokkero have their origin in sports where the solutions have enabled group communications between referees or between coaches but, they have now taken steps towards industry, where the need for similar solutions has been around a long time.

  • Bluetooth



Item number Supplier item number Description Description 2
05.0702 VOK-GUARD-FCE02-BTNH Vokkero Guardian BT 2 användare EU Standard version Utan headset
05.0703 VOK-GUARD-FCE03-BTNH Vokkero Guardian BT 3 användare EU Standard version Utan headset
05.0703H VOK-GUARD-FCE03-BT Vokkero Guardian BT 3 användare EU Standard version Med standard headset
05.0704 VOK-GUARD-FCE06-BTNH Vokkero Guardian BT 6 användare, ladd. väska Utan headset
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