Motorola WAVE™

Motorola WAVE™ connects your workers across different network, regardless of device.

The WAVE™ platform provides a game-changing possibility to implement a unified communication strategy. By integrating different technologies the functionality and reach increases for connected systems and provides scalable, secure and immediate group calls between different types of devices, regardless of connection.

With a collection of apps, the software platform allows users on mobile phones, tablets, DECT-devices, computer and two-way radios to communicate with each other using their ordinary connection, in a unified solution.


Areas of use

Extend reach for two-way radios users and systems;

  • A site manager can use a smartphone to talk to team leaders using two-way radios, via the telephones broadband connection.
  • A person on-call can be alerted about an incident as well as listen in or participate in two-way radio conversations from home or on route.

Give users more choices on devices;

A security manager does not need a two-way radio to speak to the security staff and at the same time the security guard does not need to use a mobile phone to call the security manager. I.e. bring your own device.

Provide access to group calls across the entire organisation;

The WAVE™ clients provides two-way radio style call types on smartphones, tablets or computers and the WAVE™ server can be connected directly to two-way radio networks, PBXs, VoIP-solutions, DECT-systems, etcetera to provide end-users with group call facilities.

Unique advantages with Motorola WAVE™

Unlike similar communications platforms the WAVE™ architecture has been developed for mission- and business critical use, for demanding user groups.

  • It has been proven in the most demanding environments. On the battle field, in mines and in post-disaster areas.
  • Offers native AES encryption
  • Provides emergency management features
  • Includes native location tracking of users, in app.



Have any questions about Motorola WAVE™?

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