Nordsjællands Brandvæsen places order with Celab Communications Danmark A/S.

Press Release Published 2020-03-05

Nordsjællands Brandvæsen (NSBV) selects Celab Communications Danmark A/S as a supplier of new SINE two-way radios.

NSBV where among the first to introduce SINE-based communications in 2009. Since then the old radios have been used intensively every day and have now reached the end of their life cycle. During this time both the SINE network itself and the radio technology have evolved, so to be certain our communications equipment really works during an emergency we simply had to invest in new equipment now, says Claus Larsen, Head of Operations at NSBV.

At the same time, we have simplified the overall fleet map which has made day-to-day interactions more efficient. This has, as an added benefit, allowed for a slight decrease of the total number of terminals.

During the implementation of the project, it has been key that all phases have been executed as expected and that all project elements have been on schedule. This has put pressure on our employees both inside and outside of the project group and also on our supplier who has performed to our complete satisfaction, Claus Larsen concludes.

Nordsjællands Brandvæsen is a joint municipal fire brigade for Allerød, Hørsholm, Rudersdal and Fredensborg municipalities. The area of operation covers 287 km² and over 140 000 citizens.

Celab Communications is a leading Motorola Solutions partner in Scandinavia who besides Motorola equipment also offers an extensive portfolio of in-house applications and system solutions for public safety.