Indoor coverage

Improve or establish radio coverage in garages, shelters, etc with an indoor repeater.

With an indoor repeater solution you obtain satisfactory reception even in locations usually outside the coverage area. Depending on the space the repeater needs to be supplemented with a specific antenna system for optimum performance.

For “normal” rooms and ordinary antenna can be sufficient but, for larger spaces like tunnels and mines might demand a series of antennas or a leaky cable. It all depends on your specific needs.

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Customer References


When Jämtkraft had trouble with outdoor coverage RAKEL was the obvious solution. But to solve the coverage indoors, completely different tactics where necessary.

Västmanland Public Transportation

A proven combination of the Swedish national TETRA network and Celab Operator Platform provides streamlined communications, a less stressful working environment and above all improved safety.


Motorola Linked Capacity Plus provides trunked digital radio communications indoors and outside at Triangeln in Malmö.

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