System Integration

We can deliver complete systems based on digital two-way radio standards like TETRA and DMR. We can tailor applications and customise the solution to fit your specific needs, demands and goals

Telephones surely have their uses but, when it comes to mission-critical communications two-way radios is the natural choice. For instance the negligible connection time, multi-point calls and integrated emergency features makes a radio-based system significantly safer, more reliable and more efficient.


As representative of some of the leading manufacturers in the world we can always provide systems based on first-class hardware. Whether it be the system infrastructure, a handset or an accessory you can be sure that it is one of the best available today.

Experience and knowledge

The importance of experience cannot be exaggerated when developing a mission-critical solution and at Celab we have hundreds of years of accumulated experience of communication systems. During that time we have for instance learned where to place antennas to provide optimum coverage and which equipment should be redundant for increased reliability. Basically everything needed to construct a world class solution.

Software and integration

We also have a number of knowledgeable software developers that create innovative applications and features that utilize the opportunities provided by the equipment. Features that bring our solutions to an entirely new level. Thanks to this we can offer completely integrated solution for operator and dispatchers, resource management solutions, etc.

With this capability we can also integrate your current technology like IT and telephony or control external equipment like garage doors, data collection, alarm systems and PA systems, etc, etc.


We take full responsibility for our communication systems. Meaning that we take responsibility for everything from planning, design and development to installation, operation and services. We don’t just want to sell equipment, we want to provide a solution, a long-standing relationship and security.



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Motorola Linked Capacity Plus provides trunked digital radio communications indoors and outside at Triangeln in Malmö.

Stockholm Public Transportation

The resource management system BussKom and Sweden's largest private TETRA network.

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