Capacity Plus

Capacity Plus a trunking solution for MOTOTRBO. I.e. a solution that lets more users efficiently share the same voice and data channels in a given system.

Do you have a digital MOTOTRBO-system but are in need of higher capacity? Or do you use an analogue trunked system and are ready to go digital? In both cases Capacity Plus might be right for you.

Capacity Plus is a scalable trunking solution that lets up to 1200 users share the same voice and data channels. It can increase capacity five times compared to a conventional analogue system, three times more than a trunked analogue or twice as much as an ordinary MOTOTRBO system*.

The solution can handle trunking for up to 12+24 time slots (voice+data) that in total can manage a maximum of 1200 radios. With complete support for integrated voice and data applications Capacity Plus can also be used with all third-party applications, to even further increase capacity and capabilities. The range of applications include resource management systems, remote control solutions, indoor positioning, telemetry, etc, etc.

*Based on theoretical calculations.


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Motorola Linked Capacity Plus provides trunked digital radio communications indoors and outside at Triangeln in Malmö.

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