The Four:C Family

Collection of applications and services aimed to streamline communications and resource management for organisations where command and control is crucial.

Today the family consists of a platform for computer aided dispatch and a mobile task management system for first responders. But additional solutions are being developed.

Some of the solutions were originally developed separately but we have long attempted to create synergies between them. With the latest releases we really consider this to be achieved, the solutions are now rather parts of the same framework than two standalone products. Although they still can be used separately their symbiotic relationship can provide even more benefits for command and control and resource management.

Thanks to this development it seems natural to gather these solutions under one trademark.

Four:C Dispatch

Our computer aided dispatch solution that previously has been known as Celab Operator Platform. But from the latest release (3.0) it will instead be called Four:C Dispatch.

With the new release it will become more scalable and much more capable with clearer focus on command and control features. Four:C Dispatch will offer a more powerful map engine that enables organisations to use their own current map data.

Emergency and task management features have also been significantly updated and now offers the possibility to associate specific resources to jobs with drag-and-drop.

Furthermore it will be possible to locate several resources simultaneously, sync information between multiple installments as well as connect more radios to each set-up.

You can read more about Four:C Dispatch here.

Four:C Mobile

Our popular mobile job ticketing solution that is now available for Windows-powered tablets. Read more about Four:C Mobile here.

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Customer References


When Jämtkraft had trouble with outdoor coverage RAKEL was the obvious solution. But to solve the coverage indoors, completely different tactics where necessary.

Västmanland Public Transportation

A proven combination of the Swedish national TETRA network and Celab Operator Platform provides streamlined communications, a less stressful working environment and above all improved safety.

The rescue services of Bergslagen

The emergency dispatch centre in Bergslagen, Sweden, have within a matter of week improved their responsiveness and at the same time improved worker safety. A change made possible by Celab Operator Platform.

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