IP Site Connect

Increase the coverage area for a local MOTOTRBO network or create a distributed radio system with several coverage areas.

By connecting multiple base stations via IP you can increase the range of the network. This to create one large coverage areas or several geographically dispersed zones.

A single base stations has its limitations but, with IP Site Connect you can communicate within a large industry, a skyscraper or between different branches in the region, country or world. The solution is supported by the entire MOTOTRBO range so the only requirement is an IP-connection.


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Customer References

Port of Karlshamn

When the Port of Karlshamn was searching for a modern, functional and reliable two-way radio system that could expand with their organisation Mototrbo checked all boxes.


Motorola Linked Capacity Plus provides trunked digital radio communications indoors and outside at Triangeln in Malmö.

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