We care about your privacy

It is important for us that you feel confident in how we handle your information and want to ensure you that we manage your information in a both legal and ethical manner.

Collecting information

We collect information about you when you request information or proposals, place orders or in any other way register as a customer with us.

We also collect information if you, voluntarily, fill out our forms, participate in training, event or competition. Information about website usage (celab.se) is collected using Cookies. This information is only stored locally in your browser and can be avoided by not allowing cookies.

Collected data is necessary to comply with our commitments. Depending on the scope of our commitments collected information can include;

  • Name
  • Title
  • Telephone number (work)
  • E-mail (work)
  • Visiting address (work)
  • Company name
  • VAT number and/or similar
  • Banking info (company)
  • Telephone number (company)
  • Addresses (company)

When needed we might also collect credit information about your company from our partners.

As far as possible, we only collect information about your professional role and your business. (I.e. no private info.)

Use of information

Collected information is used to process orders, manage your account and in similar ways fulfil our commitments to you. Uses like;

  • Managing proposals, orders and agreements
  • Service and support tickets and maintenance updates
  • Legal information
  • Important updates about your products, applications and services
  • Invitations to relevant training and seminars

If you agree to it, information can also be used to provide you with information we believe can interest you.

  • Information about campaigns
  • Announcements, news and press releases
  • Invitations to events

You can choose exactly which type of voluntary information you would like to receive here. If you choose to subscribe you can easily, at any time, cancel your subscription or change your choices.

Information collected through Cookies is only used to customise your repeat visits to our website.

Storing information

All data that is stored electronically is protected within our network or in rare cases at our proven cloud service providers. Regardless of location, storage will follow our established information security practices and privacy policy.

Sharing information

We usually do not share your information with other persons or companies without your approval.

Exceptions to this rule;

  • When we are required to collect necessary credit information about your company from our partners.
  • We are required to share your company information with partners/suppliers to be able to offer better prices and/or terms.

Cancelling subscription

For all voluntary electronic communication you can always cancel your subscription easily via links in the e-mail.

Right to Excerpts and right to be forgotten

You can at anytime request an excerpt of the information we have on you. You can also request a deletion of the information, within what is legally possible. For such deletion we need identification.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about our privacy policy you can reach us on;

  • Telephone | +46 303 24 60 00
  • E-mail | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.