Public Safety Central Skaraborg

The recently formed organisation is the result of a longstanding partnership between the rescue services in Skara, Götene, Falköping and Tidaholm municipalities. Their efforts to achieve synergies have already resulted in their joint centre of operations in Falköping, Sweden.

The organisation “Public Safety of Central Skaraborg” formed at the turn of the year and is a joint venture between the municipalities Götene, Skara, Falköping and Tidaholm. Their area of operation stretches like a huge L between Sweden’s largest lakes, Vänern and Vättern, where the association manages public safety for the about eighty thousand citizens living and working there.

Over several years the Rescue Service of Falköping-Tidaholm experienced their capability to manage rescue operations was gradually declining. They had noticed occasions where the wrong units were sent, incidents where to few resources were alerted and situations when dispatch was not necessary. They identified the most crucial factor to be a lack of management support from the national PSAP. They were
missing situational resource management and sufficient flexibility in the emergency procedures.

Read all about how we helped them to reverse the negative trend and instead become pioneers within operation management under resources to the right.