Strängnäs municipality

Pioneering two-way radio with Motorola TETRA communications serving users across emergency services, education, health and utilities.

The aftermath of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 sparked a national debate in Sweden regarding its crisis management strategy. Several thousand Swedish citizens had been caught up in the tragedy, but the response of the authorities was recognised as being inadequate and led to a wholesale review resulting in the establishment of a new authority, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, "MSB". A raft of new legislation was also introduced concerning the crisis management capabilities of all public agencies.

I line with the new regulations the municipalities in Södermanland county were assesed and major deficiencies were found, especially in the event that cellphones and/or landlines fail. In Strängnäs this resulted in an action plan with four key areas: the assembly of a crisis management staff, the establishment of an officer on call, the creation of a public inquiry point, and the procurement of a reliable communications system. Under Resources you can read how we assisted with the latter.