Motorola ALT™ - Quality assurance program

Accelerated Life Test - Motorola Solutions process for quality control that simulates 5 years of demanding use.

Motorola Solutions test their products in labs and not on their customers.

The tests begin during the development phase, where new models need to pass all tests before being put into test production. A prototype that fails one of the tests is brought back to the drawing board and the new prototype will have to be tested again.

During test production and start-up of main production basically all units that leave manufacturing are tested. This procedure gradually shifts to random checks, that continue until the model is discontinued.

All radios that leave Motorola Solutions undergo ALT™


Equipment for mission-critical communications need to withstand rough use

That is why Motorola created ALT™, to simulate five years of everything that a radio could possibly be exposed to. Some of these simulation includes...

Temperature shock
The device is frozen at -57°c for two hours followed by being heated to +80°c in 15 seconds and being kept there for two hours. This is repeated five times during 24 hours. The test is passsed is the device is still working proparly.

Drop test
The radio is droped from 1,2 meters on a concrete floor. This is repeted several times on all of the radios 6 different sides. The test is passed if the radio works after every drop, including that the battery is still connected and providing continous current to the device.