IMPRES™ - Intelligent accessories

Motorola's series of smart accessories that communicate with the radio or charger to optimise settings.


Microphones that continously improves voices by automatic level control and sound design. This to optimize rendering. Voices sound clearer, sharper and stronger now matter how the users speak into the accessory.

Some accessories also include programmable buttins to increased comfort and efficiency.

IMPRES™ Energy


IMPRES™-batteries are just like Motorola's standard batteries built of high quality components and assembled to maximize performance and reliability. But they are also equipped with circuitry that communicate with chargers whichs optimizes charging and automates battery maintenance. Thanks to this an IMPRES™ battery can provide up to 40% more charging cycles than a standard battery.


The chargers in the IMPRES™ series contain intelligent chips that read battery drain, life and remaining capacity. For instance;

  • When a new battery is placed in the IMPRES™ charger the battery is calibrated, which will act as a reference for the rest of the batteries life.
  • The charger optimizes the charging cycle for each battery depending on it's history.
  • The charger reads the current battery's chip and performs reconditioning and recalibration to optimize performance.

IMPRES Fleet management

Is a PC based solution for monitoring and managing battery data from the chargers. This means that the data can be obtained remotely for the entire fleet. The system can then provide tabulated data for individual batteries or charts showing trends.

Batteries now tell administrators when it is time to replace them, i.e. no more guessing and no more bad batteries in use.