How we helped Port of Karlshamn scale communications during a period of intense growth.

Blog Published 2019-01-31

The Port of Karlshamn where in need of a modern and reliable two-way radio system that could expand with the organisation. A digital radio system from Motorola Solutions met their requirements and has now exceeded expectations.

The Port of Karlshamn is the largest and deepest port in the south-east of Sweden and among the top ten in the country in tonnage. Besides their three main areas lumber, petroleum products and bulk goods they also have a growing container terminal specialising in vehicle parts. The port has seen an intense period of growth. In less than two years the number of employees has increased from around 100 to 240 and that has introduced a lot of new challenges. Internal communications being one.

Until 2015 they used an analogue system that did not always provide the best audio and frequently experienced interference, especially during bad weather. The system also only had two available channels so, when the organisation and number of employees, quickly increased they realised they could not wait anymore. They turned to Celab Communications AB for a suitable solution.

After a few expansions the Port of Karlshamn now has a digital two-way radio solution that will cover their needs for the foreseeable future. Read the complete story of how we got there...