Fiskarheden Timber acquires a new digital communications system from Celab Communications AB.

Press Release Published 2017-11-29

The deployment of reliable and modern team communications is a part of the continuous improvement that characterizes Fiskarheden.

Fiskarheden Trävaru (timber) AB in Sälen was founded in 1923. With their 125 full-time employees, they are now one of the largest sawmills in Sweden. Since the nineties the company have embodied the drive to develop and improve operations. A strive to refine their offering through both organisational and technical improvements, and since 1999 they have increased their capacity from 85 000 to 340 000 m³.

Today, Fiskarheden uses a conventional two-way radio system. However, the system is aging and suffers from intermittent interference that forces workers to switch channels frequently. This has been a clear annoyance and Fiskarheden has therefore been looking for a replacement that also offers added benefits.

The new digital solutions is called Motorola Capacity Plus and is based on the DMR standard, Digital Mobile Radio. The digital technology records audio and clears the recording from ambient noise before transmitting, unlike an analogue system that just transfers the audio. This results in a more evenly reproduced voice regardless of the environment. A suitable feature for noisy surroundings like sawmills.

The new system will replace all communications in production, where calls will be placed mainly in the portable two-way radio Motorola DP3661e. To optimise user experience existing headsets will be modified for use with the new radio.

”Besides strengthening current processes the digital solution will likely provide new possibilities to further optimise workflows in the future, and therefore hopefully a good fit for Fiskarheden.” - Lars-Gunnar Gydemo, Sales Representative, Celab Communications AB