Ellevio is experiencing better resource management thanks to the communications platform Celab Orchestra. With Ellevio’s tailored version of the platform their command centre now handles all communications, from telephone calls to texting and TETRA.

Ellevio was previously known as Fortum Distribution and a part of the Finnish energy group Fortum. But after being sold to a selection of pension funds a new company was established, namely Ellevio.

Ellevio owns, together with E.ON and Vattenfall the largest part of Sweden’s regional electric mainline networks. The Swedish electric mainline is currently over half a million kilometres long, equivalent to over 13,5 times around the world.

A substantial distance for operators to monitor and for electricians to maintain, repair and report from when a power failure occurs.

A crucial factor for Ellevio’s operations is working communications. That calls can be made, messages sent and information shared – no matter where in the country they are. This further requires and operator platform able to withstand heavy storms like Gudrun, Per, Dagmar, Sven and Ivar.

Read all about how this is achieved with Celab Orchestra under Resources.