Cobham Wireless Fibre-DAS solutions for two-way radio

Fibre-fed repeaters for two-way radio systems

Optical fibre solution for indoor coverage and range extension in VHF, UHF and TETRA frequencies.

About Cobham Wireless Fibre-DAS solutions for two-way radio

Cobham’s fibre-DAS system is equipped with first class fibre optics to optimise throughput and minimise interference. The equipment is also wideband (90MHz – 2,7GHz) that the main unit is useful for multiple wireless technologies. This means that service providers can connect different repeaters to the same main unit whether it be cellular, conventional two-way radio or TERA.

The repeaters/remote units are available in a variety of configuration depending on frequency range and technology. They are all passively cold to increase life span and are ingress protected to IP65 to allow mounting outdoors.

Remote unit BSF2502 BSF3604 / BSF3604-U BSF4004 / BSF4004-U
Frequency range/Technology VHF TETRA / UHF TETRA / UHF
Power Output (dBm) 25 36 40
Selectivity band band band
Ingress Protection 65 65 65 

Questions about Cobham Wireless Fibre-DAS solutions for two-way radio or other products?

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