Cobham Wireless Off-air repeaters for commercial systems

Off-air repeater for cellular networks

Cobham Wireless digital off-air repeaters provide cellular coverage in buildings, tunnels or remote towns.

About Cobham Wireless Off-air repeaters for commercial systems

The products support multiple technologies like GSM, EDGE, WCDMA and LTE. They even enable simultaneous use. Thanks to the SDR architecture (Software Defined Radio) this can be done without hardware customisation.

The units are also easy to configure both locally or remotely through the simple web interface or the application AEM (Axell Element Manager). The repeaters also provides a feature (IMOP) to prevent the repeater from oscillating, which can be a source to interference.

The range consists of models for both indoor and outdoor use and can be delivered with different power outputs depending on current needs. A unique feature for the outdoor models are the lack of fans that contribute to increased durability and frequency of errors.

  • Support for multiple technologies
  • AEM
  • IMOP
3009 / 3709
3018 / 3718
3021 / 3921
Frequency range (MHz) Multi Multi 800 900 1800 2100 2600
Technologies * * LTE * * * *
Power Output (dBm) 20 30 30 30 / 37 30 / 37 30 / 39 30
Bands (amount) 1, 2 eller 4 1, 2 eller 4 1 eller 2 1 eller 2 1 eller 2 1 eller 2 1 eller 2
Sub-bands (channels) 8 12 12 12 12 12 12
Ingress Protection     65 65 65 65 65 
* Samtliga vanligt förekommande mobilteknologier. GSM, EDGE (2G), UMTS/WCDMA (3G), LTE (4G) m.m.

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