IWCS iriSound

Intercom-solutions for demanding environments

High quality full-duplex communications for the most demanding environments.

About IWCS iriSound

iriSound is an intercom solution equipped with advanced digital sound processing that delivers clear and crisp audio both wired and wireless. The solutions is available in three different versions, iriSound 4, iriSound 6 och iriSound 8. These vary in number of available intercom ports, allowing you to scale your solution to your requirements. The solution can also be connected to external two-way radio systems to expand communications even further.

The equipment is developed especially for tuff environments and is both robust, waterproof and resitant against corrosion.

  • 4,6 or 8 intercom ports
  • 400MHz DSP @ 24bit/48kHz sampling
  • 2 AUX ports
  • Multiple external radio systems
  • Audio recording


Please see specifications under Resources.

Questions about IWCS iriSound or other products?

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