Motorola NTN2572

Handsfree (29 cm) för trådlös PTT-modul

Blåtands-handsfree med öronbygel.

About Motorola NTN2572

För trådlös PTT-modul (t.ex. NNTN8191C.) 29 cm kabel till PTT.


Item number Supplier item number Description Description 2
05.N2971 NTN2572A Eartube med skallbensmik. till 05.N2972 29 cm kabel
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Customer References

Accessory for

  • Motorola NNTN8191

  • Motorola PMLN5712

  • Zonith BSA-93001

  • Motorola MTP3500/MTP3550

  • Motorola MTP8500Ex/MTP8550Ex

  • Motorola DP4400e/DP4401e

  • Motorola DP4600e/DP4601e

  • Motorola DP4800e/DP4801e

  • Motorola DP3441e

  • Motorola DM4400e/DM4401e

  • Motorola DM4600e/DM4601e

  • Motorola HKLN4512

  • Motorola DP3661e

  • Motorola GMLN5503

  • Motorola PMLN7851

  • Ecom Smart-Ex® 02 Dz 1

  • Ecom Smart-Ex® 02 Dz 2

  • Motorola WM500

  • Motorola MXP600

  • Motorola ION

  • Motorola PMLN8123

  • Motorola MXP660