About Celab Four:C Mobile

Status reporting

The system is delivered with 16 status buttons in total, of which 7 are always visible in the bottom menu. Status 8-13 are available on the main menu and the two remaining buttons are visible on the emergency information screen. All statuses can be programmed to be sent to separate recipients by either ISSI, RUI/RUA or MSISDN.

Some statuses can also initiate automatic procedures. Like the button “arrived”, it can erase the current navigation route as well as initiating a remote talk group change on up to five pre-defined radios, e.g. the portable radios in a fire truck.


Communication management

Four:C Mobile is in practice a graphical interface placed on top of an ordinary navigator. That results in that you can control both the navigator and the connected radio from the application. From the menu you can set radio mode (TMO/DMO, Gateway and repeater). A transition to gateway mode can also initiate a switch to DMO on associated radios remotely¹. Favourite contacts and talk group lists are also accessible from the main menu as well as the message inbox.

Via the application the navigator day and night mode can be toggled or current route erased.


Emergency/task management

Incoming jobs/tasks/emergencies/cases are saved in the system and activates the case information display while sounding an alert tone.

When the button “confirm” is pressed a status is sent to the dispatch centre and depending on the information attached to the job/task/emergency a few things can happen².

  1. If the received job contains coordinates the navigation window can be activated by pushing Navigate./li>
  2. If the job specifies talk groups these will be accessible in the top right corner. Although, to permit use of these they have to be programmed in the connected radio, this is confirmed by the talk group button turning green or red.
  3. 3. If the job has associated resources they can be contacted by pushing “Call resource”.

The three latest jobs are available via “Ticket info” on the main menu. Jobs can also be forwarded to another Four:C and/or a TETRA terminal ¹. They can also be automatically forwarded to one of the associated terminals ¹.

Other features

Remote Control

Up to 256 button can be dedicated for remote control of gates, light or maybe a sauna. All buttons are configurable with name, destination and GeoFence.

Send position

From the menu you can choose to send your current position to another Four:C Mobile making it easier for the recipient to navigate to your location.

Customized icons/waypoints

It is possible to installing tailored icons and waypoints like fire hydrants, points-of-interest or blind alleys.

Easy updates

By loading a memory card with the new version the hardware can be updated without connecting to a computer. Some configuration can even be done over-the-air.


The system lets you log all activity on a memory stick.

Reversing camera

The system allows the connection of a camera.

¹ 1. Requires a TETRA terminal with the features Call Out and/or SDS remote activated.

² 2. Four:C Mobile is optimised for SOS Alarms emergency templates.


  • Virtual status buttons
  • Task management
  • Navigation
  • Reversing camera
  • Secondary display



Item number Supplier item number Description Description 2
04.H14051 Standard Actis 7 WiFi Navigator Sweden single country
08.P0100 HULT Celab Four:C Mobile Actis SW
08.P0105 HULT Celab Four:C Mobile Actis SW slav (Förare)
08.P0106 08.P0106 Celab Four:C Mobile Actis SW slav (Baksäte)
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Smurfit Kappa Kraftliner

Efficiency and security was key when Smurfit Kappa Piteå were searching for a new communication system. The solution was found surprisingly close.


When Jämtkraft had trouble with outdoor coverage RAKEL was the obvious solution. But to solve the coverage indoors, completely different tactics where necessary.

Västmanland Public Transportation

A proven combination of the Swedish national TETRA network and Celab Operator Platform provides streamlined communications, a less stressful working environment and above all improved safety.

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