Motorola WAVE PTX™ App

Upgrade your smartphone with team communications

With Motorola WAVE PTX™ mobile app your device can be connected to the network independent PoC-solution * Motorola WAVE PTX™. * Push-to-talk over Cellular.

About Motorola WAVE PTX™ App

With the Motoroa WAVE PTX™ mobile app you can leverage talk group communications on your Android or iOS device. You obtain the speed and simplicity of a two-way radio in your smartphone while the app also lets you send messages, media and attachments in talkgroups or to individuals to support voice coms.

Since the WAVE PTX™-solution can be connected to two-way radio system you can communicate in group calls with almost everbody, regardless of device.

  • Encrypted communications
  • Push-to-talk group calls
  • Push-to-talk individual calls
  • Messages (Voice, text media, files)
  • Location tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Status/Presence
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Integration with radiosystems
  • Emergency call management
  • Video streaming


Item number Supplier item number Description Description 2
17.W0002 GMLN5547A 1 år Motorola Wave PTX Mobile app abonnemang Android/iOS
17.W0006 GMLN5549A 1 år Motorola Wave PTX Mobile app safeguard abonnemang Android/iOS
17.W0007 GMLN7624A 1 år Motorola Wave PTX Mobile app video add-on abonnemang Android/iOS
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