Motorola TLK110

Two-way radio for 4G/WiFi with AI-tech

The device combines the flexibility and reach of cellular networks with the ruggedness of a two-way radio.

About Motorola TLK110

Just like its siblings in the TLK-series the TLK110 provides the "unlimited" coverage that you expect from a smartphone but with the two-way radio form faktor. The TLK110 also adds additional connections and better performance with the latest LTE chipset and dualband wifi. This makes it even easier to connect to the Motorola WAVE PTX platform - wherever you are. The WAVE PTX license can include a seamles roaming with multiple carriers within the EU, Norway, Switzerland and Great Britain. But if you already have your own sims they may be used instead.

With features like dedicated emergency buttion and automatic lone worker protection the TLK110 offers improved users safety compared to the rest of the TLK-series. Multi-GNSS also improves the accuracy when tracking users - specifially important in emergencies.

The TLK110 is also more rugged with IP67 rating a complete conformance with MIL-STD 810 C-H.

Artifcial Intelligens

The biggest change with the TLK110 is the audio quality - especially in high ambient noise. By "playing" loads of different sounds to an AI it has learnt to identify human speech with high precision. This makes the TLK110 exceptional at cancelling out all irreleant noise before transmission. Users can now make calls standing right next to noisy speakers or machinery without these getting heard by the recipient, while also maintaining the voice quality. The feature works so good it needs to be experienced.

The AI also provides additional perks - it allows for VOX with higher precision.

  • Dualband WiFi
  • WPA2 & WPA3
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Multi-GNSS
  • AES256 encryption
  • USB-C & 2,5mm connectors.
  • IP67
  • Dedicated emergency button, Lone Worker & Man-Down
  • Antenna, battery & charger
  • WAVE PTX standard subscription
  • WAVE PTX safeguard subscription


Please see resources for complete specifications.

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