Motorola WAVE 5000

Push-to-talk communications across any network.

Whether you are using smartphones, two-way radios or computers you can use WAVE™ 5000 to place virtual two-way radio calls between each other.

About Motorola WAVE 5000

The solution enables multi-point group calls over both Wi-fi and cellular, but WAVE™ 5000 can also be integrated with virtually any two-way radio network to allow platform and device independent group communications. That means information will reach its recipients immediately and securely, regardless of their device.

WAVE™ 5000 provides you with the piece that lets you build a unified and scalable solution customised across diverse communication environments.

Connect radio to radio

Connect multiple, different, two-way radio systems and eliminate barriers for cooperation.

Extend two-way radio reach with broadband

Expand push-to-talk group communications to smart devices and broadband networks for seamless communication, regardless of location.

Embrace broadband

Secure (encrypted) group communications on ready available smart devices, independent of connection and service provider.

  • Server
  • User licenses


See Resources for specs.

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