About Motorola DP3441e

The updated version is the perfect two-way radio for the professional user in need of a rugged, agile and functional device.

Motorola DP3000e series

DP3000e is a range of robust and compact DMR compliant radios. The small form factor and efficient short antenna never get in the way of the task. The devices are tested to military standard (MIL-STD) and Motorola's own quality assurance program ALT™. They are also completely waterproof to IP68.

Even though their predecessors already offered best-in-class audio the acoustics have been fine-tuned in the e series. The audio quality is noticeably better in all environments thanks to refined audio processing, powerful speaker and improved noise cancelling. With up to 8% longer reach the calls can also be answered further from the base stations.

The new Enhanced versions are also more energy efficient, or more correctly they can operate on a lower current meaning that the battery can keep it running longer without recharge. This results in up to 28 hours of operational use (5/5/90) with a new low voltage high capacity battery.

Enriched with more features

With Bluetooth (4.0) built-in the devices can be use with both headsets and barcode scanners as well as for indoor location tracking. By setting the radio to be “always visible” it is detectable by Bluetooth beacons, that forward the information to, for instance, a command centre. The radio can also be programmed to detect beacons and forwarding the information itself through the radio system.

For outdoor positioning the radios support multiple GNSS ranging from GPS to Glonass.

The radio has integrated Wi-Fi that simplifies wireless programming and radio management. It will also be useful for future data heavy features in external applications, something that has been prepared for by increasing the devices memory.

The radios have also been equipped with an accelerometer now providing the Man Down feature as a software option. Previous safety features like emergency button and lone work are naturally still available. Just like the Transmit Interrupt and Privacy features.


The entire MOTOTRBO ”e” range, including the DP3000e series are manufactured of materials approved by ROHS. In other words, the radio is now not just user friendly but also environmentally friendly.


MOTOTRBO™ is a complete range of two-way radio equipment based on the international standard ETSI DMR, Digital Mobile Radio. Almost all models can be used in both digital and analogue modes. MOTOTRBO™ is also the world’s most popular series of products for digital two-way radio communications, with millions of users globally.

The digital technology powering MOTOTRBO™ provides noticeably better performance, like improved battery life, increased capacity and best-in-class audio thanks to active noise cancelling. The IP-based architecture also provides support for productivity enhancing applications like control room solutions, positioning services, telemetry, etc.

By being backwards compatible, MOTOTRBO™ infrastructure allows the use of both analogue and digital devices simultaneously which enables analogue users to upgrade their equipment in their own pace.

Read more about MOTOTRBO™ and DMR

  • GPS eller GLONASS
  • IP68
  • Analog 5-tons signalering
  • Bluetooth
  • Over-the-air programming
  • Over-the-air updates
  • Basic & Enhanced Privacy
  • IP Site Connect *
  • Capacity Plus / Linked Capacity Plus *
  • Man-Down
  • Wi-Fi
  • AES encryption
  • Capacity Max *

* Kräver anpassad infrastruktur



Item number Supplier item number Description Description 2
05.N3115E MDH69JDC9RA1AN Motorola DP3441e VHF 136-174 mhz 5W GPS BT
05.N3160E MDH69RDC9RA1AN Motorola DP3441e UHF Antennoption 403-450MHz
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