Motorola Tlkr T80

Rugged and license free two-way radio

Motorola TLKR T80 is an exceptional companion for your adventures due to its instantaneous communications without the need for operators and/or licenses.

About Motorola Tlkr T80

The two-way radio is suited perfectly for making calls on the mountain, in the forest or at the beach thanks to it rugged and user-friendly design. The TLKR T80 offers 8 license free channels (PMR446) with up to 10km reach, without any call costs. The calls can also be placed fairly privately thanks to simple coding.

The basic T80 is weather protected and robust while the T80 Extreme even is waterproof. The devices are sold in pairs and also include a range of accessories, like earplugs and a charger.


*TLKR T80 is a consumer product and is not intended for professional use.

  • 2 radios (license free)
  • 2 Belt clips
  • Multi-unit charger
  • User Manual



Item number Supplier item number Description Description 2
03.580000 P14MAA03A1BE Motorola Tlkr T80 paket, svart 2 st Radio, 2 st batt, 2 facks ladd
03.590000 P14MAA03A1BF Motorola Tlkr T80 extreme paket i väska, svart 2 st Ra, 2 st batt, 2 fack. ladd. 2 st
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See the spec sheet under Resources for complete specifications.

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