Motorola DM1400

Vehicle radio with essential features and digital/analogue support.

Simplified mobile radio developed for pure voice communications. With adequate performance and support for both digital and analogue modes.

About Motorola DM1400

Numerical display, a few buttons and limited features makes the DM1400 suitable for organisations with basic communication needs. Being based on the latest technology it still offers high performance for its intended use, especially in digital mode.

The DM1000 series

The most basic vehicle mounted radios in the MOTOTRBO™ family, developed clear and uncomplicated voice communications. That does not mean that Motorola have sacrificed quality, only that the models are limited to the most fundamental features.

They can be shipped as purely analogue versions that match Motorola’s classic CM series. But they can be made digital with a simple software update, providing digital benefits when the organisation is ready to utilize them.

  • Compact microphone
  • Trunnion, low profile
  • Battery cable
  • Analogue mode
  • Digital mode *

* For analogue only model



Item number Supplier item number Description Description 2
05.N9315 MDM01JNC9JA2AN Motorola DM1400 VHF Digital 136-174 mhz 25W
05.N9315A MDM01JNC9JC2AN Motorola DM1400 VHF Analog 136-174 mhz 25W
05.N9360 MDM01QNC9JA2AN Motorola DM1400 UHF Digital 403-470 mhz 25W
05.N9360A MDM01QNC9JC2AN Motorola DM1400 UHF Analog 403-470 mhz 25W
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Dimensions (HxWxD)  
Radio (mm) 44x169x134
Radio (g) 1300
Radio characteristics  
Frequency range (MHz) VHF: 136-174 UHF: 403-470
Power output (W) Low power: 1-25
High power: 25-45 (VHF) 25-40 (UHF)
Operational temperature (°C) -30 / +60
Storage temperature (°C) -40 / +85
Ingress Protection IP54

Motorola MOTOTRBO™

MOTOTRBO™ is a complete range of two-way radio equipment based on the international standard DMR, Digital Mobile Radio. Almost all models can be used in both digital and analogue modes. är en komplett serie komradio baserad på den internationella standarden DMR, Digital Mobile Radio. MOTOTRBO™ is also the world’s most popular series of products for digital two-way radio communications, with millions of users globally.

The digital technology powering MOTOTRBO™ provides noticeably better performance, like improved battery life, increased capacity and best-in-class audio thanks to active noise cancelling. The IP-based architecture also provides support for productivity enhancing applications like control room solutions, positioning services, telemetry, etc.

By being backwards compatible, MOTOTRBO™ infrastructure allows the use of both analogue and digital devices simultaneously which enables analogue users to upgrade their equipment in their own pace.

Read more about MOTOTRBO™ and DMR

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When the Port of Karlshamn was searching for a modern, functional and reliable two-way radio system that could expand with their organisation Mototrbo checked all boxes.


Motorola Linked Capacity Plus provides trunked digital radio communications indoors and outside at Triangeln in Malmö.

Swedish Defence Materiel Administration

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