Motorola R7

Uncompromising performance and design

For a two-way radio - no propery is more important than audio quality. The R7 series advanced audio helps you to hear and be heard better than ever.

About Motorola R7

Besides delivering on the fundamental properties like build quality, audio quality and usability the Motorola R7 also provides modern features like Bluetooth 5.2, Multi GNSS and Multi-band Wifi with WPA3 support.


Adaptive noise suppression

Motorola R7 uses multiple microphones on different sides of the device to filter voices from ambient noise better than ever. Since process occurs before transmission it also makes a difference in analogue. At the other end the powerful (102-107 phon) speaker contributes with cutting through rumbles, roars and other noise.

Together with current features for audio management like howling suppression and dynamic volume the R7-series offers a best-in-class audio – both in clarity and loudness.

Developed to work

The device is manufactured in a new material that provides a good grip and usability and that is resistant against disinfectants and decontamination substances. On a similar note the new accessory port (mini-GCAI) is corrosion proof. The R7-series is also secured against high pressure water streams (IP66) and waterproof (IP68) at 2m for 2h while also fulfilling or exceeding MIL-STD 810 C,D,E,F,G and H. The key-pad model is equipped with the latest generation of scratch and impact resistant display.

The batteries for Motorola R7 have a greater energy density than before which enables longer battery life without compromising the sleek form factor.


The series comprises of three different version where the R7 KP (keypad) and R7 NKP (non keypad) are flagship models with or without keypad and display. These offer support for all Motorola DMR system solutions and can be delivered with all available options and integrations.

R7a on the other hand is a more scaled back version that offers the same rugger exterior and build quality but with a lower price point. Suitable for pure radio-to-radio communications without all the bells and whistles.

  • UHF or VHF
  • Intelligent Audio
  • GPS
  • IP66 and IP68
  • MIL-STD 810 C,D,E,F,G,H
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Wi-Fi (2,4 och 5 GHz)

* Waterproof at 2 meters for 2 hours

** List of approved substances can be found in the user manual

Specs for R7a can deviate on several points. Please see complete data sheet.



Item number Supplier item number Description Description 2
05.R7115A MDH06JDC9VA2AN Motorola R7a VHF NKP 136-174 MHz
05.R7121P MDH06JDN9XA2AN Motorola R7 VHF FKP Premium
05.R7160 MDH06RDC9WA2AN Motorola R7 UHF NKP Capable Capable
05.R7160A MDH06RDC9VA2AN Motorola R7a UHF NKP 400-527 MHz
05.R7160P MDH06RDC9XA2AN Motorola R7 UHF NKP 400-527 MHz Premium
05.R7170 MDH06RDN9WA2AN Motorola R7 UHF FKP Capable Capable
05.R7170P MDH06RDN9XA2AN Motorola R7 UHF FKP 400-527 MHz Premium
Show prices

This table only shows available options for each model respectively. For complete specs see Resources.

Feature R7a R7 Capable R7 Premium
Basic privacy
Enhanced privacy
Option board support ×
Man Down × +
Dual Input Noise Cancellation ×
Bluetooth 5.1 × +
Dual-band Wifi × +
GNSS × +
Indoor location tracking × +
BT commands × + +
Encryption (AES256) × + +
Voice recording × +
BT sensors × +
Radio smart app × +
• Included      
+ Add-on      
× Not available      

Motorola MOTOTRBO™

MOTOTRBO™ is a complete range of two-way radio equipment based on the international standard DMR, Digital Mobile Radio. Almost all models can be used in both digital and analogue modes. är en komplett serie komradio baserad på den internationella standarden DMR, Digital Mobile Radio. MOTOTRBO™ is also the world’s most popular series of products for digital two-way radio communications, with millions of users globally.

The digital technology powering MOTOTRBO™ provides noticeably better performance, like improved battery life, increased capacity and best-in-class audio thanks to active noise cancelling. The IP-based architecture also provides support for productivity enhancing applications like control room solutions, positioning services, telemetry, etc.

By being backwards compatible, MOTOTRBO™ infrastructure allows the use of both analogue and digital devices simultaneously which enables analogue users to upgrade their equipment in their own pace.

Read more about MOTOTRBO™ and DMR

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When the Port of Karlshamn was searching for a modern, functional and reliable two-way radio system that could expand with their organisation Mototrbo checked all boxes.


Motorola Linked Capacity Plus provides trunked digital radio communications indoors and outside at Triangeln in Malmö.

Swedish Defence Materiel Administration

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