LTE and PTT-over-cellular

We provide mobiles for mission-critical applications, solutions for PTT-over-cellular (PoC) and indoor coverage for cellular networks.


Our range of phones are specifically developed for mission- and business critical applications. We offer extra rugged, water proof or intrinsically safe devices from leading manufacturers like i.Safe, Ecom and Motorola Solutions.

PTT-over-cellular (PoC)

The PoC-solutions we offer are mainly what you could call virtual two-way radio, meaning a "two-way radio app" is installed on a smartphone and using available connections (3G,LTE,WiFi) connects multiple users via a server. The server can also be connected to a conventional two-way radio system to provide PTT group calls between smartphones and two-way radios. The platform we offer is Motorola WAVE, that unlike similar solutions, is developed for the mission-critical users.

Soon we will also offer simple two-way radios that leverage cellular networks to establish group calls instead of conventional two-way radio systems.

Indoor Coverage

With our long experience of wireless communication we can naturally also help you establish cellular service within your buildings and/or underground with best-in-class hardware. Se Indoor coverage and range extension for further information.